Classes, Activities, and Schedule

Zoom Instructions

There are 4 Zoom channels, when time comes for the class or event you want to attend click on the link below corresponding to the channel you want. If the channel has breakout rooms, you will be able to select which one you would like to join (example: 3A vs 3B).

Class Schedule – LINK

If you are an instructor who would like to teach a class at Ex Opus, please contact Lord Nishigori Mitsumune at We would be happy to work with any and all instructors.

Class Descriptions and Handouts

  • The Period Polyglot: Italian for Bards Who Don’t Speak Italian HL Enise bint Oghuz
  • ³ilm al- Ḥurūf – Islamic Talismans and the Science of LettersNishigori Mitsumune
    • Come learn how to design your very own talisman by using the power inherent within Arabic letters. Historical background, theory, and step by step guide to constructing a personalized magic square.
    • Handout:
  • Capture and Release: Excerpts of the ShahnamehLady Rudaba al-Nahdiya (Kingdom of the West)
    • In celebration of our survival in this pandemic, come listen to Rudaba read a section of Persian mytho-history. The tales from the 11th century Iranian Shahnameh will be largely covering the Seven Labors of Rostam.
  • Russian Folk DemonologyVarvara Laska doch’  Koudelka
    • Learn about the beliefs Russians held about creatures inhabiting their farms, fields, rivers, and forests
  • Russian Mythological CreaturesVarvara Laska doch’  Koudelka
    • Who is who of Russian fairy tales
  • Intermediate Aleppo Soap Making Using a Lye calculatorCountess Ennelynne von Hessen
    • This class teaches how to use a soap lye calculator and sap values in relation to the soap you are making in modern techniques with period insight and ingredients.
  • The Italian Perspective: Italian Medieval/Renaissance world view and mindsetHL Mirendil of Alardas
    • The Italian Perspective: the Italian medieval/Renaissance world view and mindset, with a particular focus on the Decameron. (Note: it won’t matter whether you’ve read the book or not, although it will make the discussion livelier.)
  • Fiber and Fabric FundamentalsHL Mirendil of Alardas
    • What’s what, when and how, but especially why and wherefore. Identification and characteristics of fibers and weaves, plus their best (and worst) uses. (aka “what is Samite anyway?”)
  • Zen and the Art of Cave Dwelling: A not zen introduction Don Agustín de León
  • Basic Deconstructing of Linear KnotworkHL Augustine Winter
  • Bastarda 1450HL Ian the Green (Ansteorra)
  • Pyrography 102Lord Guillermo de Cervantes
    • This is an intermediate course in which some techniques are shown using period tools and methods.
    • This is a static (pre-recorded) class. A video will be played for attendants in the Zoom channel, a YouTube link will also be available.
  • Knight’s Roundtable – Sir Mittion von Weald, Sir Maxymyllyn, Sir Daniel von Hessen
    • Q&A session with three of the Kingdom’s knights
    • Hosted live from a fighter practice

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