Ex Opus 2021 – The Decameron

The Trimarian Shire of Sangre del Sol will be holding our sixth Regional Art&Sci Event and Competition this October 23rd. This event will be held entirely virtually via Zoom, and is therefore a great opportunity for those from faraway lands to be able to join in on the revelry and learning, and for those who are unable to attend live events at this time.


Picture it … Tuscany, 1348.


As plague ravages the country, seven young women and three young men from Florence decide to flee to the countryside to avoid contagion. There, in a villa in the town of Fiesole, nestled in the hills with a view of the city below, they pass the time by recounting stories to each other, for a total of 100 by the end of a fortnight of quarantine. 

This is the framing story of Giovanni Bocaccio’s Decamerone, one of the most important and influential pieces of Western Literature. His work re-framed stories from varied places and cultures, as far as India and Egypt. Bocaccio’s work would go on to influence Chaucer, Shakespeare, Lope de Vega, Molière, and many more writers.

At this year’s Ex Opus, we are focusing on how stories can bring us together in a difficult time. Come and join us for many classes, music, poetry, and storytelling.

Why Ex Opus?

Ex Opus in Latin means “from work”, a fitting name since it is from our hard work that we inspire others to create. This is our chance to both showcase our skills and to encourage our members to find something within the realm of Art&Sci to try their hand at. The idea is to make this an inclusive and welcoming event, and to thus further the local interest in the Arts and Sciences.

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